Productions and Operations Management

Productions and Operations Management (POM) is concerned with the management of resources and activities that produce and deliver goods and services for customers.  Efficient and effective operations can provide an organization with major competitive advantages since the ability to respond to customer and market requirements quickly, at a low cost, and with high quality, is vital to attaining profitability and growth through increased market share.  As competition becomes fiercer in an increasingly open and global marketplace, a company's survival and growth become greatly contingent on its ability to run its operations efficiently and to exploit its resources productively.

The course focuses on the basic concepts, issues, and techniques for efficient and effective operations.  Special emphasis is placed on process improvement and supply chain management. Topics include methods of production, operations strategy, product and service design, process design and analysis, capacity planning, lean production systems, materials and inventory management, quality management and six sigma, introduction of new technology, resource and waste management, and supply chain management.

Applied Management

This course emphasizes the essentials of management that are most pertinent to maintaining effectiveness and efficiency, and which create and maintain an environment that focuses on performance and results within organizations. This course will aid in the development of relevant knowledge and understanding of management principles and practices.  In addition, students will be equipped with the requisite skills required to address managerial problems and the challenges faced by businesses.   

Teacher: Norvia Jaime