This course seeks to empower students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to achieve entrepreneurial success in a variety of settings. It focuses on the individual’s intelligence to identify opportunity, assess risk, and apply the necessary skills to transform innovative ideas into viable, sustainable business ventures. This course will have a theoretical, as well as, a practical component, which when combined should transform ideas into meaningful and long lasting ventures, that will create value and wealth for both the individual and the society in which he or she operates.

Research Methods-Clifton Garbutt

This course is designed to enable students to identify, describe and execute the key steps in carrying out a research project.  The core concepts include how to translate concepts and theories about human interaction and institutions into scientifically testable propositions, choose the appropriate research method, design the research, collect data and qualitatively and quantitatively interpret the data. This course also offers the opportunity for the student to enhance his/her critical thinking about social issues, to evaluate research conducted by others, and to properly communicate this knowledge and information to others.

Business Law


This is an introductory course in which students, through a case study approach, will learn of: law of contracts and agency, law of tort, employment law, company law and intellectual property

Business Ethics


This course is designed to highlight the importance of Moral Justification on the behavior of mangers and will apply ethical principles in cases. It will also focus on ethical conduct in public and private organizations with regard to employees, governments, customers and society.

Business Computer Applications

This course is designed for students majoring Business Administration who have gained knowledge of computers and data processing.  The main objective o the course is to prepare students for the usage of multiple applications programs (such as Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database, Presentation and Web Development) and be able to apply the use of these application in all aspects of learning