SPAN 201-2

This course emphasizes on four important language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. In addition, students will acquire knowledge of the Hispanic culture through the study of selected topics and texts relevant to the Caribbean. It covers sections of the CAPE syllabus and intends to help prepare students to be able to express themselves in Spanish in the real world and serves as a foundation for further study of the language.

ENG100 - Aldos Foreman

This course seeks to further develop students’ competency in the use of the English Language. Students will be further familiarized with the basics of English including transition use, shift in verb tense, pronoun agreement, complete and incomplete sentences, parallelism, wordiness, steps of the writing process, topic selection, thesis writing, thesis support, methods of development, and presentation skills. It aims to teach the student to clearly, accurately and concisely express ideas in written and oral forms.

Teacher: Aldos Foreman

College English 2

Course Description:

This course continues to develop knowledge and communication skills that will allow students to participate effectively in a range of personal and professional contexts. It also continues to emphasize a command of the English language grammatically, orally and in written form, producing unified, coherent, well-developed essays. Students are expected to further improve their comprehension, writing and analytical skills as well as apply basic communication principles to choices and behaviors. This course also teaches an appreciation for the use of speech as mental and social processes by exposing students to various kinds of writing, allowing them to evaluate and examine the validity and credibility of writing sources. Students are expected to improve their comprehension, writing, and analytical skills. Students taking this course must obtain a grade C to proceed.