Project - Mr. Elvin Garcia

This course allows students to engage in work that is immediately useful to a local establishment. Students provide service to the establishment by filling a need for computer expertise.

Operating System - Mr. Elvin Garcia

In this course students study, research and use the major functionalities of operating systems. Design issues of an operating system are addressed, such as management of processes, storage, I/O systems, distributed systems and protection and security. The ways in which these functionalities are implemented in operating systems (Linux and Windows XP) are examined. System commands and calls are studied and used to invoke the operating systems' functionalities.

Programming II - Mr. Elvin Garcia

This course is intended primarily to teach students to analyze and solve problems effectively in computer programming. Topics include: Problem Solving – Analysis, Solution, Computer Algorithm.  Programming Language Syntax and Semantics, Data Types. Arrays, Functions, Classes, Pointers.  Extensive Programming Activities Using a Modern Programming Languages, such as Python; C++ and Java.