AGRI 124 - Plant Physiology and Morphology (Godfrey Arzu)

An introduction to the field of plant botany, taxonomy, morphology and anatomy. It encompasses the metabolic processes of plants (photosynthesis, respiration, transpiration, and translocation), plant nutrition and the phenomenon of seed dormancy.  

AGRI 122 - Soils and Fertilizers (Abigail Parham - Garbutt)

An introductory course that exposes students to a wider insight of the role of soils. The course aims to develop an appreciation for soils - its composition, classification, structure, properties and soil organisms.

AGRI 218 - Farm Mechanization (Tamara Recinos)

An introductory course that covers the basic principles of physics and its practical application to agriculture. The course includes: principles of power production and transmission, machinery operation and management, safe use of machinery, design, construction, operation and adjustment of basic farm implements.  


AGRI 220 - Aquaculture (Tamara Recinos)

An introductory course that provides an overview of the field of aquaculture, including water quality guidelines, production systems, nutrition, reproduction, and the common fish/shellfish crops cultured in Belize and the Caribbean.

AGRI 123 - Plant Propagation (Tamara Recinos)

An introductory course that covers sexual and asexual propagation in plants as well as planting methodologies such as cutting, layering, budding, grafting, micro-propagation and propagation by seeds.

AGRI 219 - Agroprocessing (Tamara Recinos)

An introductory course that covers the principles of food processing methods, packaging, the importance of food safety, plant sanitation and marketing of processed products.

AGRI 125 - Entomology (Tamara Recinos)

An introductory course that covers the basic principles of entomology, the role and importance of insects in biodiversity, nature conservation, crop production and human welfare.

AGBU 110 - Introduction to Agribusiness (Tamara Recinos)

An introductory course to the various aspects of starting a business involved in food production, farming, farm machinery, wholesale and distribution, processing, marketing and retail sales. It targets the principles of economics as applied to agriculture production.

AGRI 111 - Crop Production (Tamara Recinos)

An introductory course that covers the basics of crop production from looking at cropping systems and practices, crop domestication, plant growth and development, plant classification, nutrition and health, propagation techniques and production systems to the impact the crop sector has on the Belizean economy.

AGRI126 - Livestock Production (Tamara Recinos)

An introductory course in livestock production that provides basic concepts in animal anatomy and physiology, nutrition and feeding, growth and development, breeding methods, animal health and safety concerns, farm management and marketing of domestic animals.