Business Statistics

This course is an introduction to the concepts and techniques of statistics. It is designed to cover the concepts, arithmetic and algebraic techniques necessary for an understanding of basic statistical methods from the perspectives of both descriptive and inferential statistics. Special emphasis is given to the concepts and techniques relevant to organizing and summarizing data, probability distributions, sampling distributions, estimation, and hypothesis testing. Through this course students will be able to understand the role of statistics as a widely used tool in the world of business; develop an appreciation of the techniques and concepts used in business research and everyday business transactions; and develop the ability to analyze and use statistical information as an aid to problem solving and decision making

Tourism System

This course provides students with the understanding of how the global tourism system operates and provides them with the basic tools and techniques to function effectively within the system. Students will explore areas of interest including generation of markets, transit routes, destinations and features of the industry. Students will also study and research on the different continents of the world, concentrating on key tourism destinations and their attractions.

Introduction to Computer

This course is designed to be an introductory computing concepts course. The intent of the course is to teach fundamental concepts, theories, and applications of computers, the basics of hardware, software, computer ethics, systems software, application software and the role of computing in society today.  A software suite is used to create and edit text documents, spreadsheets, presentations and databases.  There is also an internet component in the course. The course serves as the required computer literacy component of the general education curriculum.

Principles of Marketing

“Principles of Marketing” is a business management course which focuses on the methods and techniques used by businesses to effectively market their products. It highlights strategies that can be employed to maximize and ensure the effectiveness of a business’s marketing strategies. This course encompasses the dimensions and methods of improving marketing strategies, which contributes to the overall profitability of a firm. Finally it identifies the challenges that are faced by marketing departments, and ways in which the effects/impacts of challenges can be overcome and minimized.

Priniciples of Finance

This course explores three areas of importance in business: financial institutions, investments, and corporate finance. This course introduces the student to the importance of identifying sources of funds, the creation and valuation of assets, the managing of assets (both long and short term), and the importance of analysis to determine the financial position of a company.

Cost and Managerial Accounting

This course is the first of a two-semester syllabus that enables students to understand and appreciate the principles and practices of costing and costing systems, as well as develop the capacity for systematic and critical thinking as the basis for managerial planning and decision making.  Any student with a good grasp of the Principles of Accounts syllabus or its equivalent is able to pursue the course.  The nature and scope of the course prepares students for the CAPE Advanced-Level Accounting examination, and International Accounting Standards (IAS) are used as the basis for application of principles and the presentation of accounting information.  

Hospitality & Tourism - Ms. Lyann Flowers

This course is design to introduce students to the Tourism Industry.  Students will be introduced to potential avenues in the tourism field and how they can play a role in its continued growth and development.  This course is broad based encompassing global terms, principles, practices and philosophies of tourism.  Students will be provided a based for them to understand the importance of tourism to the country of Belize as well as the region and internationally.  In addition to such, issues 

Teacher: Lyann Flowers

ACC 101- Financial Accounting I - Mr. Clifton Garbutt

This course will present the fundamental concepts and techniques of the basic accounting system, including accounting for a complete cycle of business activities for a service enterprise and a merchandising firm.  Additionally, this course seeks to explore the responsibility of accounting in a society where there is a scarcity of and competition for economic resources, and its role as an information system for measuring, processing, and communicating information that is useful in decision-making.